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The Cameras Behind Oscar 2019



The Cameras Behind Oscar 2019: Old Film Cameras, 2K Resolution, Alexa and more Alexa

Article published by Yossy Mendelovich on Y.M. CINEMA MAGAZINE

"Although it’s repeated too often and overused topic, it is still very tempting to explore (again and aging) the cameras behind leading film contests, festivals (e.g.Sundance) and of course, the Oscar. With all the tech out there (8K and beyond), it’s fascinating to reveal that good filmmaking is still a conservative thing, means the art is beyond the tech. It turns out that many of Oscar 2019 films were shot in old film cameras and mastered to 2K resolution. Surprisedly (or not), the only camera used is Alexa (oh… and one Panaflex and Aaton). Furthermore, the main codec used is ARRIRAW 2.8K which mastered to 2k. There is no 8K. Is it right to say that cinematography is more art than tech? Explore the data below (based on IMDB tech-spec)."


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