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Ognibene, Dimitri

Università Milano-Bicocca
Dr Dimitri Ognibene​, is a Lecturer in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at University of Essex since October 2017. His  research interests span from Robotics and Machine Learning to Computational Neuroscience.  He aims to endow adaptive artificial systems with the exploratory skills and active perception capabilities necessary to tackle unconstrained social environments. He also studies how these skills are realised in living organisms together with the causes and consequences of their failures.  He was Marie Curie Cofund UPFellow at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, focusing on the development of algorithms for intelligent social agents with bounded sensory and computational resources. Before he has been developing social active perception algorithms  at Centre for Robotics Research, Kings College London and at the Personal Robotics Laboratory in Imperial College London. He also collaborated with Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging (UCL) to study how to model exploration in the Active Inference neuro-computational paradigm. During his PhD he studied the interaction between active perception and autonomous development through neuro-robotic models at the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technologies of the Italian Research Council (ISTC CNR).  Dr Ognibene has been Visiting Researcher at Bounded Resource Reasoning Laboratory in UMass and at University of Reykjavik (Iceland) exploring the symmetries between active sensor control and meta-reasoning. These studies have shown interesting potential to model and explain some neuropsychological disorders, such as addiction. He is now actively researching how such models can help preventing or ameliorating such conditions.