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Aprin, Farbod

Rhein-Ruhr Institute (RIAS), (Duisburg, Germany)

Farbod Aprin studied “Software Engineering” (B.A.) 2014 at the University of at QIAU (International Qazvin Azad University) and studied “Computer Eng. Interactive System” (M.A.) 2019 at the UDE (University of Duisburg Essen) with a focus on the research areas of E-Learning with the combination of OER (Open Educational Resources).

Currently, he works at RIAS institute and COLLIDE group at UDE, where he supports in developing and designing the Web-based applications. Two recent research-based projects are SALMON (Sharing and Annotating Learning Material ONline) and analytics workbench.

SALMON provides automatic tagging of learning materials and recommendation from OER links according to generated keywords for learners and analytics workbench project that provides analyses like network analysis, statistical user activities analysis, and analysis of activity.

Additionally, he has five years experience as a software engineer and developer in the industry. He is interested in predicate encryption and unification to detect the source of the predicate in Social systems.

He has passion and experience in design UX and frontend implementation for an e-learning application. Therefore, he aims to cooperate in designing and developing companion bot for COURAGE application during his PhD program with RIAS institute.