In response to the changing global scenarios in which UPF is immersed, we have identified certain key transformational elements to which we would like to give special consideration with a view to facilitating our development in the coming years. Having a transversal approach, these three themes run through all of the Plan’s strategic areas and allow us to define and promote numerous strategies for each one.


To become a 
pre-eminent university
in Europe with
a global reputation


We need to strengthen our internationalization in order to become a Catalan university known around the world. To achieve this goal, we must be a fully multilingual university, able to attract students from around the globe, one that has a strong international reputation for the quality of its research, the prestige of its faculty and researchers, the satisfaction of its community members, and the successful careers of its alumni.

In other words, we must develop an international university culture, offering top-quality services, highly relevant activities, and a prestigious faculty, which permeates the university’s structure and overall operation.

To become
a socially
responsible and
sustainable university


We must become a university on a human scale that is sensitive to its environment and socially responsible in its relations with multiple cultural, social and economic stakeholders and that provides solutions both for the country’s needs and global problems. We seek to embrace a transformational and comprehensive model of social responsibility that encompasses all areas of the university and aspires to excellence.

We must promote and collectively guarantee the multiple dimensions of the university’s social responsibility – environmental sustainability, ethical awareness, gender mainstreaming, solidarity and cooperation, volunteering, the prevention of health risks, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and services for the disabled – as essential components of a responsible university. Conceiving of the university as a space for critical reflection that is accessible and open to society is a prerequisite for many specific groups, such as the elderly, secondary school students, or local residents, to feel welcome.

To become
a networking


We need to further develop our collaborative capabilities to work in a more personalized, flexible and integrated way, depending on each case and specific need, both internally and externally.

We need to forge stronger bonds and relationships, at all levels, in relation to issues that we consider to be priorities, to contribute value and to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that these exchanges offer us to enhance our activities in the areas of teaching, research and innovation.

We need to multiply and deepen the university’s liaisons in the professional, social, industrial and cultural worlds and to make singular contributions that reinforce our reputation.