News and events


Individualization of VR-based Rehabilitation protocols

We imparted a workshop about the “Individualization of VR-based Rehabilitation protocols,” at the International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (Singapore). We also presented the poster...

Smart Autonomous Neuro-Rehabilitation System

We will be performing a demo of the “Smart Autonomous Neuro-Rehabilitation System” at the Living Machines Conference (Barcelona, Spain).

Reinforcement-Induced Movement Therapy : A novel approach for overcoming learned non-use in chronic stroke patients

We attended the RehabWeek in Valencia, Spain. At the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR) and we presented the clinical study: “Reinforcement-Induced Movement Therapy : A novel...

Intensive language-action therapy in virtual reality for a rehabilitation gaming system

We assisted to the International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality & Associated Technologies (Gothenburg, Sweden), and presented a pilot study on aphasic stroke patients: “Intensive...

Social Integration of Stroke Patients through the Multiplayer Rehabilitation Gaming System

We were at the 4th International Conference on Serious Games, Game Days, (Darmstadt, Germany) presenting our last work: “Social Integration of Stroke Patients through the Multiplayer Rehabilitation...