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The SANaR project’s overarching objective is to design, develop and deploy a novel evidence based Personal Health System for the remote management and rehabilitation of stroke. Stroke is recognized as one of the major challenges for European Society. Current demand for rehabilitation, let alone its future increase can only be addressed by deploying technology. SANaR delivers such a technology in the form of a novel virtual reality based system for personalized diagnostics and cognitive and functional rehabilitation at home for the most common deficits and disabilities resulting from stroke. In particular SANaR will focus on motor and cognitive deficits including deficits in attention, perception, memory, problem solving, executive function and communication.


This project has received funding from the Spanish national program Retos Investigación 2013 del Ministerio de Economomía y competitividad.



News and events


Individualization of VR-based Rehabilitation protocols

We imparted a workshop about the “Individualization of VR-based Rehabilitation protocols,” at the International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (Singapore). We also presented the poster...

Smart Autonomous Neuro-Rehabilitation System

We will be performing a demo of the “Smart Autonomous Neuro-Rehabilitation System” at the Living Machines Conference (Barcelona, Spain).

Reinforcement-Induced Movement Therapy : A novel approach for overcoming learned non-use in chronic stroke patients

We attended the RehabWeek in Valencia, Spain. At the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation (ICVR) and we presented the clinical study: “Reinforcement-Induced Movement Therapy : A novel...

Intensive language-action therapy in virtual reality for a rehabilitation gaming system

We assisted to the International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality & Associated Technologies (Gothenburg, Sweden), and presented a pilot study on aphasic stroke patients: “Intensive...

Social Integration of Stroke Patients through the Multiplayer Rehabilitation Gaming System

We were at the 4th International Conference on Serious Games, Game Days, (Darmstadt, Germany) presenting our last work: “Social Integration of Stroke Patients through the Multiplayer Rehabilitation...