Open reference databases and tools for the multimodal validation of strain

Principal researcher: Èric Lluch Álvarez (ESR3) 

PHILIPS: 18 months (M1-6 and M25-36): implementation of the frame work (with CHUC)

UPF: 18 months (M7-24): Design of the clinical database (in collaboration with IDIBAPS) and review of strain comparison/standardization tools.(see more) 

Research lines:

  • Possible colaboration with INRIA Sophia Antipolis in order to simulate numerically the partial differential equations (PDE) that model the heart behavior using Finite Elements (FE).


Discuss the possibility to work with SPH. Visit Bart Bijnens and INRIA on the 18th of April. Talk about the possible colaboration with them and how we could include the 0D model of CircAdapt into their model.