CardioFunXion Winter School 2018 Outcome



The CardioFunXion project organized the Winter School of 2018 in Lyon on the INSA campus hosted by CREATIS. A summary of the winter school program can be found here. A total of 8 talks of a length of 1h30min were given during the winter school. It was very well organized and each day covered a topic. The first day the talks were oriented in validation methods in cardiac ultrasound, the second day talks were about in-silico approaches, the third day about animal experiments and the last day about in vitro approaches.

Moreover, the students had the possibility to assist to 3 different hands-on related to the talks of the winter school. There was a phantom about cardiac ultrasound to understand the technicalities of the ultrasound techniques as well as to simulate different probes depending on the type of wave used to emit ultrasound (planar wave, divergence wave or focus wave). This hands on included as well the creation of synthetic images as explained in the first talk of the winter school. Another hands on was about the use of machine learning for classification of a population between diseased or non-diseased. The third hands-on was about phantom images using different probes. It was related to the first hands-on and one could think it as its practical session. In fact, the students had the possibility to play with three different phantoms (two of creatis and one of Caen's hospital). Once the winter school finished we uploaded the videos taken during the talks (YouTube playlist).

A total of 30 participants came to the winter school and joined the different hands-on sessions.




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