Back Shak Benavides will record his new album as Johannes de Silentio

Shak Benavides will record his new album as Johannes de Silentio

He will record and produce his new work as Johannes de Silentio for the Malaga-based label Oigovisiones

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Our beloved Shak Benavides visits us again, this time as resident artist. This time he will be working on improvised electronic music and cassette manipulation new material that will be part of his new conceptual work, halfway between folkore and paganism. This new work will be recorded live at Phonos during Festival Residències, and will soon be released under his alias Johannes de Silentio on Oigovisiones Label from Malaga.

Shak Benavides has been part of the Barcelona scene since the 90s, as former spiritual co-founder of Wah Wah Discos, DJ, electronic musician, and currently owner of the online radio station 18 years ago he started his career as a laptop electronic music composer under the name Lucius Works Here, where he developed a harmonic and melodic side in a line of ambient, IDM, indietronica and minimalism. But his full entry into the world of sound art and more radical experimentation in 2016 led him to create another project that broke away from LWH, with different tools such as analogue synthesizers, four-tracks, pedals and cassettes, to advance in live improvisation, which he calls Johannes de Silentio.


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