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Oliver Vinent, composer in residency

He will develop an immersive electro-acoustic composition based on fractals

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Selected in the Phonos Summer-Autumn 2022 call for residencies, Óliver Vinent (aka OE) arrives at Phonos to develop Fractals, a project in which different concepts coexist and unfold, all interrelated, such as automation, the abstract, the construction of language, infinity, memory.

Fractals is based on the generation of fractal images, that also serve to define the sound behaviour of the work, a kind of music without development and without a clear beginning and end, with blurred limits between the instrument that generates the work and the composition itself. Vinent will present his work to the public during the Festival Residències, at the end of 2022 at the Sala Aranyó.

Óliver Vinent (Sant Lluís, Menorca) is a sound artist and orchestra conductor. At the same time, he holds a diploma in sacred music and organ, under the guidance of organist and professor Eudald Dantí. He delved into the world of electroacoustic music and sound art in the Master of Sound Art at the University of Barcelona with the teacher and intermediate artist Josep Manuel Berenguer. His work encompasses diverse concepts and fields such as automation, the death of artistic individuality, mathematics and language, etc. His basic idea is to reach beyond the limits of the abstract.


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