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Renata E. Gomes, new artist in residence

The architect is developing a sound piece about the experience of space


Imatge inicial

Selected in the Phonos Summer-Autumn 2022 call for residencies, Renata E. Gomes will develop in Phonos a sound composition as part of her interdisciplinary work Listen and be the Space, developed around the Casa Gomis / La Ricarda, by the architect Antoni Bonet y Castellana. In this building, Gomes has conducted and recorded interviews with a variety of people and profiles, such as Andrés Lewin-Richter, Arnau Horta, Bea Sarriás, Marita Gomis or Morrosko, which serve as the basis for his composition.

Gomes will present the result of her work to the public during the Residències Festival, at the end of 2022 at the Sala Aranyó.

Trained as an architect, Renata E. Gomes also wanders through other arts. Her gestures and approaches in both architecture and art are reciprocally contaminated. They are also contaminated by phenomenology and environmental psychology, central themes of her doctorate in architecture. In the field of sound art he has realised some events in Barcelona and some other cities such as Tokyo, New York, Boston, and Berlin.



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