Back Arturo Charles comes from Morelia for a two-month stay at Phonos

Arturo Charles comes from Morelia for a two-month stay at Phonos

He will be working around new methods for sound-space control in multimedia applications


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During the months of September and October 2022, the young Mexican composer Arturo Charles will stay in our laboratory to explore new methods and techniques for the control of multichannel sound spatialisation through physical movements. His ultimate intention is to be able to apply the results of his research in the creation of immersive sound spaces, audiovisual installations and multidisciplinary projects. Part of his artistic research will be presented at the Residencies Festival at the end of November 2022.

Arturo Charles (1996) is a Mexican composer and multidisciplinary sound artist from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. His main interests are interactive music, interdisciplinary contemporary dance, digital art and musical minimalism. He began his studies at the Faculty of Music of the UANL, where he studied a Technical Degree in Music with emphasis in piano performance. He has worked with different theatre and dance groups both in Monterrey and in Morelia, Michoacán. He founded and is currently director of the interdisciplinary studio RESO in Monterrey, Nuevo León. He is currently studying for a degree in Music and Artistic Technology at the UNAM at the ENES Morelia. He has participated in different festivals, among them the Festival de Expresiones Contemporáneas (2020) with his project Paralelismos and the Festival Desfases: Festival Inmersivo de Producción Multimedia (2021) and has received different grants and scholarships, among them FINANCIARTE (2020) and Revisiones de ARTE EAP: Nuevas Estéticas para Nuevas Sensibilidades (2022) both from CONARTE, Nuevo León.


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