Back Anna Lanau, new artist in residency at Phonos

Anna Lanau, new artist in residency at Phonos

Anna will work on a new piece exploring the physical experience of sound


“Dichotomies. Body. Move. Frequencies. Conscience and unconsciousness. The sound rings us to memories, to feelings that we do not know where they are or where they were born from; but it also appeals to us in a very unconscious way. What kind of frequencies are calming us down? Why does a high-volume, long-lasting sub-grave sound cut our breath? Where is our sound limit in an unconscious level? These are questions that we have the intention to answer over the next few months, with the intention of creating a multichannel exhibition piece, guided by frequencies, dichotomic changes and the dynamics of the sound in the space."

With these words, the artist describes her interests to develop during her residency at Phonos. Her work will presented at the Phonos Residències Festival at the end of 2022.

Anna Lanau (1998). Agitator of Barcelona's clubbing scene, Catalan dj lanav is a co-founder of the collective .abundanceisyou, a regular collaborator with local artists with the object of promoting a shared and healthy scene around the culture of electronic music. She is also a sound designer for film and experimental sound practices. He is currently working with Coser and singing with Oriol Tarragó and Marc Bech and initiating his own projects outside the cinema, focusing on multichannel sound exposure and electron music.



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