Back Phonos launches ESPORA, a residency programme with European artists-researchers

Phonos launches ESPORA, a residency programme with European artists-researchers

During spring 2022 we host 4 artists-researchers from leading institutions to present their work at Phonos


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In biology, a spore (espora) is a minute reproductive unit capable of giving rise to a new individual without sexual fusion. Similarly, with the ESPORA artist-in-residency pilot programme, Phonos wishes to establish connections with Art, Music and Technology Education institutions throughout Europe, by inviting artists in their late formative processes (master, PhD, post-doc...) to develop and present parts of their artwork at Phonos offering as well opportunities for internationalisation, learning, and networking.

Our ESPORA programme in 2022 will count with four artists associated with two leading educational institutions (University of Huddersfield, and Linz Kunstuniversität) which have strong connections with our areas of interest, such as musical instrument design, electronic music performance, algorithmic composition, and immersive audio.

The artists-researchers invited this year are Jens Vetter and Echo Ho from the "Tangible Music Lab" at the Arts University in Linz, and Ted Moore and James Bradbury, two composers working in the FluCoMa project at The University of Huddersfield.

We will host these four artists in two residency periods, between 1 and 9 April, and 13 to 21 May,  to develop their artistic work in our interactive music studio and 3D audio hall, finishing each residency period with an open and public event (including a presentation of the work followed by a short comment and a conversation with the audience).

Like the ESPORA project name may suggest, these short artist-in-residency programmes intend to expand our area of action and influence, creating potentially germinating connections with international artists and leading educational institutions which operate, like us, in the domains of new experimental music and technology.

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