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Imatge inicial
  • Year: 2021
  • Author: Frank Trepax


The Punktocràtor is a mural in the form of an altarpiece, of very similar proportions to those of the great Renaissance altarpieces, fully rendered using coloured aerosols and adhesive paper tape to separate the areas of different colour. The empty aerosol containers were used to adorn the mural, reproducing handmade metal rivets adhered to the work. 

The work, containing a wealth of iconography, plays with different stages of the history of art, from the pantocrators of Catalan Romanesque art to avant-garde futurism or cubism.

The citation accompanying the Punktocràtor, taken from the works of the Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius (Titus Lucretius Carus [99 B C 55 B C.]) De Rerum Natura (‘On the Nature of Things’) is as follows:

Sed nihil dulcius est, bene quam munita tenere
Edita doctrina sapientum templa serena,
Despicere unde queas alios passimque videre
Errare atque viam palantis quaerere vitae

English translation:

There is nothing sweeter than to possess the fortified, lofty doctrines of the wise, as serene temples, from which place you might look down upon others and see that they wander everywhere seeking a path for their aimless lives

Frank Trepax, Francesc Punsola’s pseudonym, is one of Spain’s pioneering artists from the world of graffiti, especially in Barcelona. In addition to this facet of his work, he has also devoted himself with great success to advertising design for major brands and illustration for all types of formats. Lately, he has focused on the relationship between art and nature, creating ephemeral, large-scale land art on beaches of the Baix Maresme, and sculpting engravings in stones from different woods in Catalonia.