IEEE SIG in learning technology data standards chaired by Davinia Hernández-Leo

ICICLE supports a variety of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), all of which will present work at the International Conference on Learning Engineering. All of ICICLE's SIG activities are open to the public and we welcome wide participation.

The Special Interest Group on Learning Technologies Data Standards, chaired by Davinia Hernández-Leo, is focused on reflecting about the needs for learning technology standards and data standards to support learning engineering. The reflection is done through conversation about areas where there are barriers to the successful deployment of existing standards.

Building on the barriers and considering real-world examples, the SIG will elaborate conclusions which will include recommended definitions for new education-specific open standards, with an emphasis in learning data.

The project Educational Data Science explore how this data can be used to increase the understanding and quality of learning experiences, with a focus on the integration of learning analytics with learning design.