Georgi Dzhambazov's María de Maeztu Reproducibility Award

(Text by Georgi Dzhambazov)

Thanks to the María de Maeztu Reproducibility Award reproducibility award, I could pay the attendance fee for a conference on mobile games (VS-Games, Barcelona 2016). I presented a paper that describes a use case of my technology on a real word application - a game for learning singing.  It was an enriching practical experience for me to meet people doing research in this quite emerging business field. 

Details about this paper here:

Thanks to the MdM funds I could also visit for a week prof. Andre Holzapfel in the KTH Royal University in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a series of meetings we discussed with him the idea and design of an experiment on a computational method. It is a multicultural study as part of my research work in the CompMusic project. The professor is one of the best experts on that very specific type of studies and the particular type of modeling I wanted to apply. This work was, in my opinion the most sound experiment of my PhD thesis and resulted in a publication in the best renowned conference of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval in China in October 2017. The details of this work can be found here: The María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program further covered the travel costs to China.