Funding Opportunities for a PhD Funding Opportunities for a PhD

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD within our group, first please read carefully the information about our PhD Programme in ICT, particularly with respect to admission requirements.


Option #1: INPhINIT Programme

Deadline: 1 february 2018

"La Caixa" foundation offers an attractive program of scholarships. You can apply to do a PhD at our group through this scholarship, by selecting the project "Algorithmic Fairness: bias and discrimination in search, ranking, and classification (Dr. Carlos Castillo)" at DTIC/UPF as your research project.

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Option #2: DTIC Fellowships

Deadlines: January 15th, 2018; March 5th, 2018; April 19th, 2018; June 1st, 2018 - see the calendar for 2018-2019

The DTIC also offers fellowships for PhD students, following the same calendar. Please, before applying through the official form, fill-in this form for expressions of interest. We review expressions of interest on the 1st of every month.