Current projects

- MAXR  (EU HE2020)


- Next-gen Wi-Fi (funded by Nokia Bell Labs)

- RIS3CATs: Fem-IoT + Looming 



  • 2020: Introducing IEEE 802.11be - the Wi-Fi of the future, with G. Geraci, L. Galati, B. Bellalta. Globecom 2020 [Youtube].

  • 2020: The project FEM IoT Connected Street is moving towards implementation in the city (link) [We appear in L'efecte Papallona, Cat.Radio (link); Interview in Diari Barcelona (link)]

  • 2020: Francesc Wilhelmi defends his PhD thesis: "Towards Spatial Reuse in Future Wireless Local Area Networks: a Sequential Learning Approach." [Slides] [Document]

  • 2020: Runner-up, Best-paper in ACM WinTech 2020: "Wi-Fi All-Channel Analyzer" (link)

  • 2020: Machine learning to optimize the configuration of Wi-Fi networks with multiple access points (link)

  • 2020: Improving the operation and performance of Wi-Fi networks for the 5G/6G ecosystem (link)

  • 2020: A pioneering study into the description of a new architecture for future telecommunications networks (link)

  • 2020: Two RIS3CAT projects aimed at measuring the impact of mobility on pollution and on the validation of the IoT in industrial environments (link)

  • 2019: A proposal that improves device connectivity to wireless networks (link)

  • 2019: INTER-HARE, a new communication protocol for the Internet of Things that exceeds the limitations of standard protocols (link)

  • 2017: Boris Bellalta wins a CISCO research grant to work on state-of-the-art wireless networks (link)

  • 2016: A new standard for the Wi-Fi networks of the future (link)