The Wireless Networking research group aims to explore new concepts, communication paradigms and technologies for future wireless networks. The research group was formally recognized by the Catalan Government in 2017, under grant SGR-2017-1188, and by UPF in 2018.


  • PhD position in Wi-Fi 7, to start in October 2022. Possibility of joining UPF earlier as a research assistant. In case you are interested, send an e-mail to [email protected], including a motivation letter, CV, and a transcript of BSc and MSc grades (or equivalent). 


  • 2020: Introducing IEEE 802.11be - the Wi-Fi of the future, with G. Geraci, L. Galati, B. Bellalta. Globecom 2020 [Youtube].

  • 2020: The project FEM IoT Connected Street is moving towards implementation in the city (link) [We appear in L'efecte Papallona, Cat.Radio (link); Interview in Diari Barcelona (link)]

  • 2020: Francesc Wilhelmi defends his PhD thesis: "Towards Spatial Reuse in Future Wireless Local Area Networks: a Sequential Learning Approach." [Slides] [Document]

  • 2020: Runner-up, Best-paper in ACM WinTech 2020: "Wi-Fi All-Channel Analyzer" (link)

  • 2020: Machine learning to optimize the configuration of Wi-Fi networks with multiple access points (link)

  • 2020: Improving the operation and performance of Wi-Fi networks for the 5G/6G ecosystem (link)

  • 2020: A pioneering study into the description of a new architecture for future telecommunications networks (link)

  • 2020: Two RIS3CAT projects aimed at measuring the impact of mobility on pollution and on the validation of the IoT in industrial environments (link)

  • 2019: A proposal that improves device connectivity to wireless networks (link)

  • 2019: INTER-HARE, a new communication protocol for the Internet of Things that exceeds the limitations of standard protocols (link)

  • 2017: Boris Bellalta wins a CISCO research grant to work on state-of-the-art wireless networks (link)

  • 2016: A new standard for the Wi-Fi networks of the future (link)

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