Seminar: Communication, culture, and penal system.

Seminar: Communication, culture, and penal system.



The UPF hosts the seminar "Communication, Culture and Penal System: a transmedia approach of cultural practises in prison", in which TRANSGANG poject collaborates. 

Presented by Carlos A. Scolari  and Dr. Carles Feixa, with Dr. Mauricio Manchado (CONICET/UNR) and Lic. Maia Giancarelli (UNR) as speakers, the seminar aims to encourage reflection about how the access and exercise of cultural practices in prison allow for different paths both within and out of confinement, by questioning the meanings prison builts over the individuals who inhabit it.

Among the activities programmed for the seminar are the presentation of the work developed by the Politic Collective "La Bemba del Sur" and the program "Education in Prisons" by National University of Rosario (Argentina), followed by the exhibition of two episodes of the documentary series "El Feriante", as well as the different transmedia supports and a final debate moderated by Dr. José Sánchez García. 

Date: Tuesday 22nd of January, 2019

Time: 12 to 2 pm.

Place: Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Campus del Poble- Nou, room 51.100