Vés enrere 12/04/2021 Seminari del grup InfoLex, a càrrec de Geraint Rees

12/04/2021 Seminari del grup InfoLex, a càrrec de Geraint Rees

"Collocation and collaboration: Developing the ColloCaid writing assistant"




Ponent: Geraint Rees is Research Fellow in Corpus-based Lexicography and Academic Writing at the University of Surrey, and Associate Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His research interests include Corpus Linguistics, Lexicography, Vocabulary Acquisition, and Learning Technologies. His current focus is on the integration of lexicographic resources with other technologies.

Dia: Dilluns 12 d'abril

Hora: a les 15.00 hores

Enllaç directe a la sessió: meet.google.com/bxc-ipnq-btf

In this talk, I present ColloCaid (www.collocaid.uk), a collaborative project drawing on expertise from the fields of Language Teaching, Lexicography, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research. ColloCaid is a digital writing assistant developed to help writers of academic English with collocations. I begin by outlining the rationale underlying its development; stressing the need for a resource that not only makes users aware of gaps in their lexical knowledge, but also allows them to address these gaps without interrupting the writing process. I then present the methodology used to develop and evaluate ColloCaid. The development phase includes the creation of a lexical database containing circa 30,000 academic collocations and genuine examples of collocation use adapted from corpora of academic texts. The evaluation phase involves the application of methods from HCI to assess the usability of the tool. I give practical examples of two key lessons learnt during the development process. Firstly, that concepts from HCI research have exciting potential applications in lexicography, and secondly, that, while undoubtably valuable for lexicographers, methods from Corpus Linguistics and Natural Language Processing must not be adopted uncritically. I conclude the talk by presenting several publicly available datasets resulting from the project and highlighting their potential applications in future research.



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