Vés enrere 04/11/19 Xerrada organitzada pel grup COLT i l’equip del projecte AMORE

04/11/19 Xerrada organitzada pel grup COLT i l’equip del projecte AMORE

A càrrec de Sebastian Padó


Talk organised by the COLT group and the AMORE project team. The invited speaker is Sebastian Padó from the Institute for Natural Language Processing, University of Stuttgart. 
Title: Towards computational construction of discourse networks for political debates
Date: Monday 4 November, 14:30h
Location: 52.701 (Poblenou campus)
Discourse network analysis is a method in political science that characterizes
actors and their claims in terms of a bipartite network and which can yield
insights into discourse coalitions, developments over time, etc.
Traditionally, such networks were built from large amounts of manual 
annotation. In this talk, I will discuss recent work that integrates manual 
and automatic annotation for this task, exploring issues such as reliability,
speed, bias, and evaluation metrics.
Sebastian Padó has been professor of computational linguistics at
Stuttgart University since 2013. He studied in Saarbrücken and
Edinburgh and was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University.
His core research concerns learning, representing, and processing
semantic knowledge (broadly construed) from and in text. Examples
include modeling linguistic phenomena, discourse structure, inference,
semantic processing, and cross-lingual perspectives on semantics.



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