A scalable approach facilitating flexible collaborative learning, based on the Pyramid or Snowball collaborative learning flow pattern

PyramidApp is a scalable technological approach facilitating flexible collaborative learning following Pyramid or Snowball collaborative learning flow pattern.

Using PyramidApp authoring tool, practitioners can design activities that can be enacted in any preferred education context. Students will use PyramidApp to access the activity and submit individual option (which can be a question, comment, suggestion, or even a link of a created resource) for a given task. Students will be able to collaboratively discuss and negotiate upon a common agreed option in groups and rate those options iteratively following a snowball or pyramid structure till the complete crowd reaches a global consensus on the most interesting option(s).

The objective of the tool is to allow students to learn from peers in the process of proposing options, discussing and selecting the best option(s)! Practitioners are able to monitor on-going pyramid activities and view the winning options in order to discuss further.

How it works



Activity enactment:


Create Pyramids & Enact!

PyramidApp is integrated within ILDE platform.

  1. If you have an account to ILDE, simply go to
    • New LDs (in the main menu) -> Author -> PyramidApp.
    • Here you can design Pyramid activities by specifying preferred parameters.
  2. After saving the LDs, you can “publish” these pyramid activities.
  3. Once you publish your LDs in ILDE, you will get a “public link“.
  4. Using this public link, students can access the activity, using smartphones or web browser.

Here you can find a user manual explaining these authoring aspects of the PyramidApp.

More information: