At ECTEL 2022, Teacher's orchestration actions in Online and In-class CSCL

At ECTEL 2022, Teacher's orchestration actions in Online and In-class CSCL




Lubna Hakami, Ishari Amarasinghe, Eyad Hakami and Davinia Hernandez-Leo (2022), Exploring teacher's orchestration actions in Online and In-class Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 17th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, Tolouse, France, Springer LNCS Vol 13450, pp. 521-527.


Teacher orchestration of technology-enhanced learning has received increasing attention as a factor for enhancing students' learning gains. However, a limited number of studies have investigated the impact of learning settings on teachers' orchestration actions. In this paper, we considered two different settings of computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) activities, namely online and in-class, and studied their influence on teachers' orchestration actions. Data was collected from five sessions for each setting. The findings indicated that during the in-class setting there were more teacher-individual interactions, announcements, and use of teacher support tools. In the online setting, however, the teachers interacted more with the class  and conducted fewer individual interactions when compared to the in-class context.







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