TIDE in ISLS Annual Meeting 2021, papers on teaching orchestration

TIDE in ISLS Annual Meeting 2021, papers on teaching orchestration



TIDE_UPF is participating in the ISLS Annual Meeting 2021, CSCL Conference, with:

Amarasinghe, I., Hernández-Leo, D., (2021). Synergies between humans and machines to support the orchestration of CSCL scripts at different scales, CSCL conference, ISLS Annual Meeting. 

Abstract: This study presents the orchestration challenges associated with scripted collaborative learning situations at different scales and how different Learning Analytics (LA) interventions may facilitate to address those issues. The proposed LA interventions were characterised as machine-in-control, human-in-control and hybrid approaches given different agents in charge of orchestration actions. A framing of the proposed LA interventions is presented considering also the different scales within which those interventions were deployed, in an attempt to seek the balance between different types of interventions.

Amarasinghe, I., Vujovic, M., Hernández-Leo, D., (2021) Towards Estimating Classroom Orchestration Load using Physiological and Self-Perception Measures, CSCL conference, ISLS Annual Meeting. 

Abstract: This poster presents the exploration of a method to estimate the notion of orchestration load using physiological measures in triangulation with self-perception measures in the classroom computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) context. Details of a pilot study conducted in which a teacher orchestrated CSCL activities under different supporting conditions are presented. Different facets of the orchestration load were disentangled in light of the study findings.







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