Back Valguima Odakura from Brazil visited TIDE

Valguima Odakura from Brazil visited TIDE



Valguima Odakura, professor from Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD) in Brazil, visited TIDE group. 


Valguima is collaborating with TIDE group for one year remotely and came for a short period of visit from May to June. The aim of her visit was to engage with the Courage project members. During her stay she participated in:

Courage workshop at school

Several meetings with TIDE members 

20th Anniversary of 1st DTIC PhD thesis

Recerca EDvolució with a talk by Manu Kapur

Research Ethics Day 

Workshop on Bringing Design Thinking in Education from D-TIPS project


In addition she documented the research in joints papers and planned the next activities with group members to be realized from UFGD-Brazil.

She expressed her gratitude for the kindness and warm welcome she received during her visit and for all collaboration and knowledge exchanged. She is looking forward to the next opportunity to meet the research group again.




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