Back UPF hosted a three-day Science of Stress workshop for European educators

UPF hosted a three-day Science of Stress workshop for European educators

The workshop was coordinated by the Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education (TIDE) research group of DTIC.


In early November, the TIDE Research Group of Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education hosted a three-day workshop on the Science of Stress and Self-Regulation for educators from Spain, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, and Greece. In total, 12 educators participated in the workshop. Participants included school teachers, school psychologists, university lecturers, and post-graduate students.

The workshop was part of an Erasmus+ Project Spotlighters (2018-1-ES01-KA201-050646) which is coordinated by the TIDE research group. The goal of the workshop was to prepare educators to make use of Spotlighters resources for teaching students about self-regulation and stress. Resources such as a classroom technology to teach emotion regulation (ClassMood App), an online course on the science of stress, and classroom lessons for primary, secondary, and university students have been created in the project. 

Alicia Lucendo Noriega, a participant from the University of Helsinki, shared her thoughts of the three-day workshop in writing,

”During the workshop, I finally got to learn about the key topic of the science of stress which I unfortunately did not learn during my teacher training. I personally appreciated that there was a good balance between theory-practice and I can already see a practical implementation of the workshop with students. Further, I did not only learn about the workshop but also discovered all the rest of the resources that this project has created which are also amazing!“

Marc Beardsley, who organized the workshop, taught the first two days that introduced educators to the science of stress and self-regulatory practices such as Mindfulness. Neuroscientist Marta Portero Tresserra from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona taught the final day with a focus on how lifestyles affect stress. Mads Lynge Clauson-Kaas (, Mie Guldbæk Brøns (, and Tharrenos Bratitsis (University of Western Macedonia) assisted with the sessions across the three days. Naike Gorr, also from the University of Helsinki, shared her impression of the workshop,

“The Spotlighters workshop supports teachers to enhance student resilience in their own classroom. It provides educators with relevant material, knowledge and research that are of great importance when wanting to tackle the negative consequences of long-term stress.”

A primary school teacher from Portugal, Sofia Sousa, and a 10th grade teacher from Denmark, Cille Skovmand Bruun shared their thoughts on the workshop in video messages.
Sofia Sousa,
Cille Skovmand Bruun, 

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