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As part of the dissemination activities conducted by the Courage Team in Barcelona, TIDE UPF joined the Oracle for Girls Initiative for the fourth year. For the 2024 edition, a workshop on Generative AI was prepared. As part of the activities, the participating girls engaged with the PyramidApp tool and interacted with an infiltrated chatbot.

With the increasing presence of Generative AI, training teens in digital skills to become familiar with tools such as ChatGPT is necessary. In this respect, members of the TIDE research group contributed to the Oracle for Girls (O4G) 2024 edition with the workshop “AI Conversational Agent.” The workshop, designed by Davinia Hernández Leo, Roberto Sánchez-Reina, and Aldric Gutiérrez Ferré, introduced participants to a general overview of what Generative AI is and how it works in the environment of social media. As part of the hands-on workshop, the participating girls used the conversational tool Pyramid App to learn how Generative AI works and uncover the infiltrated chatbot. By observing the features that characterize chatbot interactions, the participants were able to discover the infiltrated agent.

The Oracle is an annual program aimed at introducing young and teenage girls to STEM disciplines through workshops and activities focused on various aspects of technology and innovation. As part of this yearly tradition, the Campus Poblenou at Pompeu Fabra University hosts the event, which gathers more than 200 girls who participate in interactive workshops designed by professors and researchers from the Engineering School. In this framework, the TIDE Research Group organizes different workshops to disseminate research and scientific output. On this occasion, the Courage project shared a glimpse of its findings.

To learn more about the Oracle for Girls Initiative, visit the website.



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