Back TIDE at 4YFN MWC21 event leading a workshop on “Data Analytics in Education: the Impact on Well-being"

TIDE at 4YFN MWC21 event leading a workshop on “Data Analytics in Education: the Impact on Well-being"



TIDE has been in charge of carring out a workshop in the 4YFN event at the MWC21 on the topic of “Data Analytics in Education: the Impact on Well-being”. The workshop was organized by Eyad Hakami, Khadija El Aadmi, Davinia Hernández-Leo and Patricia Santos, with the support of the UPF EDvidence inniative. Eyad Hakami and Khadija El Aadmi facilitated the physical workshop in the 4YFN event (June 29th).

The workshop mainly focused on how we can bring forth the synergies between Well-Being and Learning Analytics to improve the learner’s experience by brainstorming ways to define, measure, analyze and integrate the multiple domains within the Well-being sphere as solid and measurable data sources in Learning Analytics, always keeping in mind the ethical implications the ideas and solutions proposed may have.

Thanks to the innovative setting and nature of the event, the participants were able to contribute with their grain of knowledge as innovators with out of the box ideas, taking on the challenge on how Well-being and Learning Analytics could work hand in hand, enriching the researchers' views and future visions on the topic and its current and future impacts.

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