Back Marc Beardsley speaks to educators in Denmark about the Science of Learning

Marc Beardsley speaks to educators in Denmark about the Science of Learning



In late October, Marc Beardsley, a researcher from the TIDE Research Group of Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education, spoke to educators in Hillerød, Denmark about the Science of Learning and Learning Design. The presentation was part of a symposium for educators on the Science of Stress and self-regulatory practices for students.

Organized by the Erasmus+ project Spotlighters (2018-1-ES01-KA201-050646), the symposium was hosted by and featured Minna Huotilainen, professor of educational sciences, University of Helsinki with the presentation Can neuroscience help us manage stress?; Marta Portero-Tresserra, lecturer of cognitive neuroscience, Institute of Neuroscience, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the presentation The neuroscience behind stress and learning; Marc Beardsley, project manager and researcher in the TIDE group (Interactive & Distributed Technologies for Education), Universitat Pompeu Fabra with the presentation Neuroscience-aligned learning design; and Mads Lynge Clauson-Kaas, 10th grade teacher from Hillerød 10 Klassesskolen with the presentation How to incorporate neuroscience-aligned learning design into daily life as a teacher.

The Spotlighters project is coordinated by the TIDE research group and offers (1) a set of classroom lessons to help students recognize the physiological signs of stress, identify potential stressors, and plan and practice self-regulatory responses; (2) workshops that teach educators how to deliver the Spotlighters Student Lessons; (3) the ClassMood App ( for educators to use in their classrooms that functions to support teachers in taking the ‘temperature’ of the class and helping students transition into a more active or calm learning state; (4) and a free online course for students about the science of stress. 

A second Spotlighters symposium for educators will be hosted by the University of Helsinki in April 2020. For more about the TIDE group’s neuroscience-aligned learning design projects (Spotlighters and Project Illuminated), contact: [email protected].



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