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DETEL multiplier event in Spain



TIDE-UPF organises the following workshop:

DETEL multiplier event, Leganés, July 7th 2022, as part of the H20Learn meeting

Sharing with #TEL researchers in Spain #DETEL outputs, including webinars, courses, evolving chapters


Date: 7/09 (morning and afternoon slot)

Organizers: Davinia Hernández-Leo, Laia Albó, Ariel Ortiz, Miriam Calvera, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Technology Enhanced Learning as an interdisciplinary field has many approaches to doctoral education, depending on the country, university, faculty of the PhD candidate among other factors. DETEL Erasmus+ project works on harmonizing and innovating doctoral education in the field, defining a new study program for doctoral education.

In this event, we will inform the participants about:

a) the state of the work on the program and resources developed in the project,

b) we will also demonstrate our platform for community-driven development of educational resources for doctoral candidates,

c) finally, we will revise how the resources can support cases of PhD research undertaken by participants (PhD students and supervisors).

About the DETEL project
Doctoral Education for Technology-Enhanced Learning (DETEL) project will establish and deepen a strategic partnership for doctoral education in Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). DETEL brings together 9 internationally renowned universities and the European Association of Technology-Enhanced Learning to reflect their expertise in doctoral education into a new internationally validated program in TEL, extended with rich and professionally produced Open Educational Resources. The project grounds the design of the new program in the best practices in TEL doctoral education across Europe as well as institutional and national requirements.

Disclaimer: This project has received funding from the EU Erasmus+ Programme, grant agreement 2019-1-NO01-KA203-060280.





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