Back Davinia Hernández-Leo participates in a JCR workshop in Seville

Davinia Hernández-Leo participates in a JCR workshop in Seville

Teacher communities: learning design support, social mechanisms, and case studies




Brief description:

I will present an overview of the educational technologies research conducted by the TIDE research group of the Information and Communication Technologies Department at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona ( @TIDE_UPF). The overview will be articulated around the perspective, central to TIDE work, of supporting teachers and teacher communities (e.g., a school) in the design of the best possible (technology-enhanced) learning activities considering their students and their contexts. Main research contributions that will be presented include a community platform for integrated learning design (ILDE), including multiple authoring tools (e.g. edCrumble for blended learning, PyramidApp for collaborative learning) and the use of data analytics at different levels (learning, design, community) to facilitate meaningful social interactions between teachers (e.g. supporting community inquiry, learning redesign). The presentation will include results of European, Spanish and Catalan projects (METIS, RESET, CoT) and our initial work in recently started projects (SmartLET, Illuminated, Spotlighters).

Selection of references:

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