Back D-TIPS project: 3 teaching symposiums and 1 project meeting

D-TIPS project: 3 teaching symposiums and 1 project meeting



During this last term of the year 2021, despite the COVID-19 situation, we have been able two organize three teaching symposiums of the D-TIPS project reaching 44 teachers!

The first symposium was organized at UPF-Poblenou the 14th of October, also in October we did the 2nd teaching symposium at STUCOM (a study center in Barcelona). In November we organized a third one in Lleida at the Faculty of psycology, education and social work from the University of Lleida.


Also, after 2 years from the last time, we have been able to physically meet and organize a project meeting! Victoria Marín, from the University of Lleida participated as a collaborator during the first day. Patricia Santos, as project coordinator, and Khadija El Aadmi participated on belhaf of the TIDE group.

During this 2021, the ILDE+ D-TIPS platform has been launched, join us and start using our Toolbox:

You can also follow our latest news in our website:

2022 is the final year of the project, so we are excited to reach the final stage of the project and share our results with the community!






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