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Courage safeguards red cross students

Since November 2020, Courage Project has conducted three social media workshops with Red Cross actions with the youth. The program has covered three major themes of youth interest: digital self, addiction to likes and the exposure to filter bubbles.  A fourth session combined all topics and initiated a discussion of how social media features could fight against those issues. 




Social media is quite popular among young people. One in two children under 12 has at least a social media profile. The increasing digitalization of communication has turned social media into the main social space for interaction. Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram are the most popular social media among teenagers around the globe.


Most children and adolescents are vulnerable to media risks. Social media harassment seems to be the most common threat. Cases for social media addiction, anxiety and stress are becoming more ordinary in children’s lives, however. 


As part of the research outcomes, Courage Project has conducted a series of interventions to raise social media awareness among teenagers. For example, the Social Media workshop: “Risks and threats behind the likes”, addressed to Red Cross members, has encouraged young people to reflect on their social media interactions.


This social media workshop took place virtually and was conducted by Courage researchers Davinia Hernández-Leo, Emily Theophilou, René Lobo & Roberto Sánchez-Reina. As part of the workshop, participants enjoyed learning with interactive activities promoted by the Courage Companion.



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