Back CACAO: Tech support for designing a blend of music, arts, and biology for early childhood

CACAO: Tech support for designing a blend of music, arts, and biology for early childhood

Can young children become experts on viruses, bacteria, and cells? This is the aim of the project “CACAO: Cell Biology and Art Class Omnibus, an ERASMUS+ initiative co-led by members of the TIDE Research Group.



Footnote: The CACAO project staff during the second learning and teaching training in Pelt, Belgium.

Early childhood education is key to promoting continued success in school, in the workplace, and in society. The skills and attitudes children acquire in their early childhood have an impact during their later school years. STEM education is becoming vital in helping children better understand the world and relate to it. Pre-school teachers have acquired the responsibility to become facilitators of inciting and nurturing diverse sets of skills in preschool


Several studies have pointed out that immersion in activities that combine multiple sensory skills such as singing, playing, clapping, and dancing has a positive impact on children’s cognitive development and success in their education. However, the lack of knowledge and training makes it difficult for many educators to integrate arts and STEM into the early childhood curriculum.

The CACAO project aims at developing and implementing a highly innovative and inclusive pedagogical concept blending music, visual art, and cell biology with the support of ten partners from five European countries (Croatia, Italy, Poland, Belgium, and Spain). To fulfill its goals, the CACAO consortium will organize for two years (12/2021-12/2023) several teaching training, multiplier events, and research activities.

The expected results cover the curriculum design to blend biology and art with an emphasis on music, the creation of an online collaborative platform, a certified course, as well as the scientific evaluation of the project. Project activities and results are designed to strengthen STEAM learning in the preschool setting, by developing an innovative educational program. To get to know more about the CACAO project, visit the website. The project updates are also available on TIDE social media.

This is the platform created by TIDE based on their ILDE technology:



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