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This site is a Text Simplification demo for English texts (up to 384 characters). The YATS simplifier was designed for people with intellectual disabilities. The automatic Text Simplification process aims to aid in text reading by reducing the lexical and syntactic complexity of sentecnes. Basically the text simplifier detects complex words and sentences and generates simpler vocabulary and shorter sentences. This technology has been investigated and developed by the TALN(Natural Language Processing) group of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).


Text Simplification technologies

Text simplification is the process of transforming a text into an equivalent which is more understandable for a target population. Simplified texts are appropriate for many groups of readers, such as language learners, elderly persons and people with other special reading and comprehension needs. TALN-UPFgroup develops robust natural language processing technology to produce simplified versions of documents at both syntactic and lexical levels.


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