15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Valencia ( Espanya ) 03/04/2017 - 07/04/2017

( Comunicació) Soler-Company J, Wanner L. On the relevance of syntactic and discourse features for author profiling and identification
( Comunicació) Barbieri F, Ballesteros M, Saggion H. Are emojis predictable?

14th International Web for All Conference, W4A 2017, Perth ( Austràlia ) 02/04/2017 - 04/04/2017

( Comunicació) Saggion H, Ferrés D, Sevens L, Schuurman I, Ripollés M, Rodríguez O. Able to read my mail: An accessible e-mail client with assistive technology

COLING 2016, Osaka ( Japó ) 11/12/2016 - 16/12/2016

( Comunicació) Espinosa Anke L, Camacho-Collados J, Rodríguez-Fernández S, Saggion H, Wanner L. Extending WordNet with Fine-Grained Collocational Information
( Comunicació) Domínguez, M., Farrús, M., & Wanner, L.. An automatic prosody tagger for spontaneous speech
( Comunicació) Domínguez, M., Latorre, I., Farrús, M., Codina-Filbà, J., & Wanner, L.. Praat on the Web: An upgrade of Praat for semi-automatic speech annotation

Third Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it 2016), Napols ( Itàlia ) 05/12/2016 - 07/12/2016

( Comunicació) Barbieri F, Basile V, Croce D, Nissim M, Novielli N, Viviana P. Overview of the EVALITA 2016 SENTiment POLarity Classification Task

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing 2016 (EMNLP 2016), Texas ( Estats Units d'Amèrica ) 01/11/2016 - 05/11/2016

( Ponència) Espinosa-Anke L, Camacho-Collados J, Delli Bovi C, Saggion H. Supervised distributional hypernym discovery via domain adaptation
( Comunicació) Ballesteros M, Wanner L. A Neural Network Architecture for Multilingual Punctuation Generation

International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (CCIA 2016), Barcelona ( Espanya ) 19/10/2016 - 21/10/2016

( Comunicació) Barbieri F, Espinosa Anke L, Saggion H. Revealing Patterns of Twitter Emoji Usage in Barcelona and Madrid
( Comunicació) Soler-Company J, Wanner L. Authorship attribution sing syntactic dependencies
( Comunicació) Mille S, Ballesteros M, Burga A, Casamayor G, Wanner L. Towards multilingual natural language generation within abstractive summarization

XXXII Congreso de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN 2016), Salamanca ( Espanya ) 14/09/2016 - 16/09/2016

( Comunicació) Rodríguez-Fernández S, Espinosa-Anke L, Carlini R, Wanner L. Semantics-Driven Collocation Discovery

12th International Conference on Semantic Systems (SEMANTICS 2016), Leipzig ( Alemanya ) 12/09/2016 - 15/09/2016

( Comunicació) Meditskos G, Dasiopoulou S, Vrochidis S, LW, Kompatsiaris Y. Question Answering over Pattern-Based User Models

1st International Workshop on Multimodal Multimedia Data Analytics (MMDA) - 22nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) 2016, The Hague ( Holanda ) 30/08/2016 - 30/08/2016

( Comunicació) Codina-Filbà J, Wanner L. Combining Dictionary- and Corpus-Based Concept Extraction
( Comunicació) Mille S, Ballesteros M, Burga A, Casamayor G, Wanner L. Multilingual Natural Language Generation within Abstractive Summarization

17th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2016), New York ( Estats Units d'Amèrica ) 07/08/2016 - 11/08/2016

( Comunicació) Oramas S, Espinosa-Anke L, Lawlor A, Serra X, Saggion H. Exploring Customer Reviews for Music Genre Classification and Evolutionary Studies