We conduct quantitative research on intergenerational relationships, ageing and family demography. Our research is in particular focused on the role of grandparents in contemporary society, the demography of grandparenthood and the effects of grandparenthood and grandparenting on health and wellbeing of older people. We also investigate the determinants and consequences of active ageing and how individuals with limited kin networks (e.g., childless, grandchildless, single, etc.) fare in different contexts.

Research Projects:

Care, Retirement & Wellbeing of Older People Across Different Welfare Regimes (CREW). CREW is a project financed through the Joint Programming Initiative, More Years Better Lives 2017-2020). For further information have a look at our website or follow us on Twitter. PI: Bruno ArpinoAdditional information

Research and collaboration agreement between RECSM-UPF and Amics de la Gent Gran (“Friends of older people”; NGO) (March 2016-ongoing) PI: Bruno ArpinoDescription of Project

Grandparenting and successful ageing (GRANSAGE) (01/11/2015 - 30/04/2017) PI: Bruno Arpino. Funding: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Ref.: CSO2015-62707-ERC. Additional information 


Selected Publications:

Arpino B., Gumà, J. and A. Julià (2018). Family histories and the demography of grandparenthood. Demographic Research, 39(42), 1105-1150. doi: 10.4054/DemRes.2018.39.42

Arpino B., Bordone V. and N. Balbo (2018). Grandparenting, education and subjective wellbeing of older Europeans. European Journal of Ageing, 15(3), 251–263.

Arpino B., Gumà, J. and A. Julià (2018). Early-life conditions and health at older ages: the mediating role of educational attainment, family and employment trajectories. Plos One 13(4), e0195320. 

Doblhammer, G., &  J. Gumà (Eds.). (2018). A Demographic Perspective on Gender, Family and Health in Europe. Springer International Publishing.

Gomez-leon, M., Evandrou, M., Falkingham, J. and A. Vlachantoni (2017). The dynamics of social care and employment in mid-life. Ageing & Society, 1-28.