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Serani, Danilo

Danilo Serani
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Research Fellow


Danilo holds a B.A. (Laurea Breve) in Political Science and International Relations from the Universitá di Roma La Sapienza (Italy, Cum Laude, 2009), a B.A. in Political Science from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain, 2012) and a M.A. in Advanced Studies in Political Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain, 2013). He also holds a Postgraduate Study diploma in Applied Social Research and Data Analysis from the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (Spain, 2014).

In 2014, he was Research Scholar in the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (February - December, 2014), where he has also collaborated with the European Social Survey (ESS) (Round 7). More specifically, he was member of the ESS Tracking Team, coordinated by Mónica Méndez Lago (CIS).

Currently Danilo is a Ph.D. candidate and a grant holder (funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Researcher at the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM). His thesis focuses on the political effects of political disaffection.

His academic interests cover mainly the study of political attitudes and participation in comparative perspective, survey methodology, European studies, statistics and quantitative research methods. 


Research projects (most recent)

"Crisis y reto en la ciudadanía en España: actitudes y comportamiento político de los españoles ante la crisis económica y de representación política (CIUPANEL)". (2014-2017). PI: Dr. Mariano Torcal. Additional information