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Schwarz, Hannah

Hannah Schwarz
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Senior Research Manager
Hannah is a senior research manager at RECSM. She is also an external Ph.D. candidate at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Her research focuses on response quality, particularly in the context of online panels.
She holds a Research Master's in Social Science from the University of Amsterdam and has deepened her knowledge in Survey Methods and Statistics in the International Program in Survey and Data Science (University of Mannheim and University of Maryland). Before joining RECSM, Hannah worked for the Secretariat of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Cologne.


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Research projects (most recent)

"European Social Survey ESS-ERIC: myESS platform: collaborative environment for ESS lifecycle". (2021-ongoing). PI: Dr. Diana Zavala-Rojas. Additional information

"European Social Survey (ESS)-ERIC (ESS-ERIC)". (2008-ongoing). PI: Dr. Diana Zavala-Rojas. Additional information 

Growing Up in Digital Europe Preparation Phase (GUIDEPREP). (2022-ongoing). PI: Dr. Diana Zavala-Rojas.

COhort cOmmunity Research and Development Infrastructure Network for Access Throughout Europe (COORDINATE). PI: Dr. Wiebke Weber. Additional information

"Survey Quality Predictor (SQP)". (2008-2022). PI: Dr. Wiebke Weber. Additional information