Job offer PhD - Computer scientist

Job offer PhD - Computer scientist

JOB OPENING at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and Universitat de Girona (Girona): Researcher - Computer scientist



We are currently inviting applications for one full-time position in computational social/political sciences at the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM) (Department of Social and Political Sciences) based at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona, Spain.

Universitat de Girona
The Doctoral Programme in Technology incorporates all the lines of technological research undertaken at the UdG. It is therefore the benchmark programme for all graduates, engineers or holders of technological degrees who, having completed a master's course, are interested in conducting research in an area covered by the programme, among: control engineering and smart systems, computing, or statistical and logical methods.

The general objective of the Doctoral Programme in Technology at the University of Girona is to train highly qualified researchers in this field who will be equipped with the professional and personal skills and abilities to successfully join national and international R&D&i systems.

Department of Electrical, Electronic and Automatic Engineering:

Candidates may be recent graduates (or last-year Master’s students) of computer science, information systems, informatics or similar areas.
The position is full-time. Two thirds of the time tasks are linked to the description of the work below. One third of the time candidates are encouraged to pursue a Ph.D. in Technology, Research Area 2. Networked and agent-based information systems
The continuation of the position is conditional on being accepted in the PhD program and on fulfilling yearly requirements of both the PhD and the tasks related to the job

  • Familiarity with MySQL, MongoDB and Java (or similar languages such as C#) is required. 
  • Familiarity with unit testing, web development, PHP and Jenkins is a plus.
  • Familiarity with Solidity  
  • Familiarity with software engineering project patterns and clean coding is also a plus.


  • You will work on developing software for social research (programming task).
  • You will work as a devops engineer (data engineering task).
  • You will develop new lines of social and political computational research.
  • You will work on a Ph.D. in Technology, Research Area 2. Networked and agent-based information systems
  • You will work with a team of researchers and programmers, in an international environment.
  • You will work on literature review of methods/applications in computational social sciences.
  • You will publish in international peer-review journals and present at academic conferences.

What do I need to bring with me?
  • Excellent written, oral and electronic communication skills in English. 
  • Last year graduate studies of computer science, information systems, informatics or early-career researchers on the aforementioned areas willing to develop a PhD thesis on a topic concerning Networked and agent-based information systems 
  • Familiarity with MySQL, MongoDB, Java, and similar languages such as C# is required.
  • Familiarity with Maven, PHP, unit testing, web development and Jenkins is a plus.
  • Familiarity with software engineering project patterns and clean coding is also a plus.
  • Problem solving, analytical and numerical skills.
  • Ability to work with limited supervision and work rigorously.
  • Ability to deliver results, meet deadlines and manage time effectively.
  • Ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams

The position has no citizenship requirement. We encourage applications from female candidates and members of minority or marginalised groups.
Contract type and salary depend on the academic qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. The career development plan will be agreed on after three months and/or the completion of the first task. Being based on a research work environment, we offer flexibility, training and support to attend conferences abroad. 
If requirements are met the project offers the possibility for a four-year position.

Candidates should submit the following to Elsa Peris [email protected] using the subject “Job Application Researcher- computer scientist”: 1) a cover letter, 2) a curriculum vitae, 3) a sample of a finalized programming project or code, including technical documentation. It can be a school/University project but we should be able to access it on the cloud without revealing your gender, name or origin. It is also possible that you send a downloadable application or code.
Applications should be written in English.

Review of applications begins on Februrary 2022, and will stop as soon as the position is filled.





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