Mariano Torcal, RESCM Director, to present new book at UPF


Imatge inicial

RECSM is pleased to announce the presentation of the book entitled ´De votantes a hooligans. La Polarización política en España,´ by Mariano Torcal, Associate Professor of Political Science and RECSM Director at the UPF.

The book is the most comprehensive analysis available of affective polarization in Spain, making it a vital resource to inform our debates on the subject.

The event will take place next Monday 13th March, at 18.00h, in the Polivalent room of the Mercè Rodoreda building, Ciutadella campus.

Also participating in the presentation will be:

Pablo Pareja, Vice Rector for Faculty and Community Relations at UPF
Eva Anduiza, Associate-Professor of Political Science and ICREA-Academy researcher at UAB
Jordi Muñoz, Professor and ICREA-Academy Researcher at the UB and current President of the CEO.
Verónica Benet, Associate-Professor of Social Psychology and ICREA researcher at UPF.

No pre-inscripción or attendance fee required.

We hope to see you there.



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