RECSM New Publications

RECSM New Publications



We are glad to present some of the main publications by RECSM’s researchers during 2020:


Aerts, C. , Revilla, M., Duval, L. Paaijmans, K., Chandrabose, J., Cox, H. and Sicuri, E. (2020). “Understanding the role of disease knowledge and risk perception in shaping preventive behavior for selected vector-borne diseases in Guyana”. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 14(4): e0008149.

Fernández-Cavia, J., Vinyals-Mirabent, S., Fernández-Planells, A., Weber, W. and Pedraza-Jiménez, R. (2020). “Tourist information sources at different stages of the travel experience”. El profesional de la información, 29 (2).

Hobolt, S. B. and Rodon, T. (2020). “Cross-cutting issues and electoral choice. EU issue voting in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum”. Journal of European Public Policy, 27(2): 227-245.

Hobolt, S. B. and Rodon, T. (2020). “Domestic contestation of the European Union”. Journal of European Public Policy, 27(2): 161-167.

Höhne, J.K., Revilla, M. and Schlosser S. (2020). “Motion Instructions in Surveys: Compliance of Respondents, Acceleration of Smartphones, and Quality of Responses”. International Journal of Market Research, 62(1): 43-57. DOI: 10.1177/1470785319858587

Lu, C., Benet-Martínez, V. and Robins, R. W. (2020). “The Development of Ethnic Identity From Late Childhood to Young Adulthood: Findings From a 10-Year Longitudinal Study of Mexican-Origin Youth”. Social Psychological and Personality Science, online.

Quinlan, S. and Schwarz, H. (2020). “The transfers game: A comparative analysis of the mechanical effect of lower preference votes in STV systems”. International Political Science Review, online.

Revilla, M., Couper, M.P., Bosch, O. and Asensio M. (2020). “Testing the use of voice input in a mobile web survey”. Social Science Computer Review, 38(2): 207-224.

Rodon, T. and Sanjaume-Calvet, M. (2020). “How fair is it? An experimental study of perceived fairness of distributive policies”. The Journal of Politics, 82(1): 384-391.

Schwartz, S. J., Szabó, Á., Meca, A., Benet-Martínez, V., Ward, C., Martinez, C. R., Cobb, C. L., Unger, J. B. and Pantea, N. (2020). “The Convergence Between Cultural Psychology and Developmental Science: Acculturation as an Exemplar”. Frontiers in Psychology, online. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00887

Toninelli, D. and Revilla, M. (2020). How Mobile Device Screen Size Affects Data Collected in Web Surveys. In P. Beatty, D. Collins, L. Kaye, J. L. Padilla, G. Willis and A. Wilmot (Eds.), Advances in Questionnaire Design, Development, Evaluation and Testint. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Torcal, M. and Christmann, P. (2020). Political Culture in Spain in the Twenty-First Century: symptoms of a crisis of representation. In D. Muro & I. Lago (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780198826934.001.0001