SARIS, W. and GALLHOFER, I. (2016) "Arguments of physicist concerning the use of the first atomic bomb". RECSM Working Paper 48 (.pdf) 

  • Argumentations of the scientists (.pdf)

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  • Political Satisfaction & Quality of state services cumulative data file (Stata format) (.zip)

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  • Media, IPIM & Political Trust cumulative data file (SPSS format) (.zip)

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  • Media & IPIM cumulative data file (SPSS format) (.zip)
  • SB-MTMM input (.pdf)
  • SB-MTMM qualities (.pdf)
  • Scores (.pdf)
  • Quality (.pdf)
  • Error variance (.pdf)
  • Numerical values for new countries (.pdf)
  • Quantification of categories (.pdf)
  • Detecting deviating intercepts (.pdf)
  • Detection of deviating loadings (.pdf)