Bermudez Torres, Sandra

External Collaborator



Sandra has completed a PhD in Political and Social Sciences at UPF (2012). Previously, she got a Political Science and Public Administration BA and a Management and Public Administration BA both at the Universitat de Barcelona.  

In her trajectory as a researcher, she has been postdoctoral researcher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra or the  Université Libre de Bruxelles, and visiting scholar at the Hertie School of Governance. In these institutions she has participated in different research projects including the Making Electoral Democracy Work, the European Social Survey, the Pludisciplinary Analysis of Online Petitions, or the Electoral accountability in multilevel governance project.

Her research interests focus on political institutions, political behavior, public opinion, internet use and comparative politics. You can reach her at: [email protected]


Publications (most recent)

(Forthcoming). Turnout and Fractionalization. With Ignacio Lago, Marc Guinjoan and Pablo Simón. Politics.

(Forthcoming) . Party Mobilization and Electoral Systems. With Ignacio Lago, Marc Guinjoan, Pablo Simón and Kelly Rowe. Government and Opposition.

(2016). Who is recruiting our crew? Contextual determinants of MPs selection. With Guillermo Cordero. Acta Politica. Online First. DOI: 10.1057/s41269-016-0007-z .

(2016). “¿Cómo son los parlamentarios españoles?¨.With Inmaculada Serrano. In Xavier Coller, Antonio M. Jaime, and Fabiola Mota (eds.): El poder político en España. Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas. Pp.25-46.

(2015). Regulating desinformation: Poll embargo and electoral coordination. With Ignacio Lago and Marc Guinjoan. Public Opinion Quarterly. 9: 932-951.  

(2014). “La abstención en las elecciones autonómicas de 2011”. With Mariona Ferrer. In Francesc Pallares (ed.): Elecciones autonómicas y locales 2011. Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas. Pp. 187-210.

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(2013). Expectations in mass elections: Back to the future? With Ignacio Lago, Marc Guinjoan and Pablo Simón. Social Science Quarterly. DOI:10.1111/ssqu.12066.