ELISAVA, a school affiliated with the UPF, offers undergraduate and graduate programs within the fields of design, building engineering and industrial design engineering.

The School’s international presence has been intensified throughout its history by means of agreements with over 50 centers in Europe, the United States and Latin America. ELISAVA participates in several exchange, cooperation and research programs with foreign academic institutions such as Erasmus the Cumulus Network, which groups together over 100 renowned institutions worldwide to promote international cooperation; it is a member of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE); and it also participates in the Lifelong Learning Programme / Erasmus, promoted by the European Union and whose main goal is to make Europe more accessible to students, and vice versa. The school is a catalyst for cross-line training and research, flexible and creative, poured into the professional world and in close collaboration with international companies and universities  

Students at the UPF Education Abroad Program can take direct enrollment courses at ELISAVA. This course offering can be checked here

ELISAVA also offers high quality Study Abroad Program for students interested in a concentration in Design courses. Please, contact directly Elisava if you are looking for a full program in Design.