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2011 (8)

Martin, C; Barceló, F; Hernández, M; Costa, A. The time course of the asymmetrical "local" switch cost: Evidence from event-related potentials. Biological psychology 2011; 86(3): 210-218.

Runnqvist, E; Strijkers, K; Sadat, J; Costa, A. On the temporal and functional origin of L2 disadvantages in speech production: A critical review. Frontiers in Psychology 2011; 2(379): 1-8.

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Willms, JL; Saphiro, KA; Peelen, MV; Pajtas, PE; Costa, A; Moo, LR. Language-invariant verb processing regions in Spanish-English bilinguals. NeuroImage 2011; 57(1): 251-261.

2010 (11)

Caño, A.; Hernández, M.; Ivanova, I.; Juncadella, M.; Gascon-Bayarri, J.; Reñé R.; Costa A.. When one can write SALTO as noun but not as verb: A grammatical category-specific, modality-specific deficit. Brain and Language 2010; ( ): 26-42.

Cotelli M, Calabria M, Manenti R, Rosini S, Zanetti O, Cappa SF, Miniussi C. Improved language performance in Alzheimer disease following brain simulation. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2010; 82(7): 794-797.

Cotelli M, Manenti R, Rosini S, Calabria M, Brambilla M, Zanetti O, Miniussi C. Action and object naming in physiological aging: an rTMS study. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 2010; 2( ).

Garbin; G. Sanjuan, A.; Forn, C.; Bustamante, J.C.; Rodriguez-Pujadas, A.; Belloch, V.; Hernández, M.; Costa, A.; Ávila, C.. Bridging language and attention. Brain basis of the impact of bilingualism on cognitive control. NeuroImage 2010; 53( ): 1272-1278.

Hernández, M.; Costa, A.; Caño, A.; Juncadella, M.; Reñé, R.. On the translation routes in early and highly-proficient bilinguals: Evidence from an individual with semantic impairment. Aphasiology 2010; 24( ): 141-169.