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2022 (4)

Calabria M, García¿Sánchez C, Grunden N, Pons C, Arroyo JA, Gómez¿Anson B, Estévez García MC, Belvís R, Morollón N, Vera Igual J, Mur I, Pomar V, Domingo P. Post-COVID-19 fatigue: the contribution of cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms. Journal of Neurology 2022; 269(8): 3990-3999.

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Gimeno-Martínez M, Baus C. Iconicity in sign language production: task matters. Neuropsychologia 2022; (167): 1-9.

2021 (3)

Gimeno-Martínez, Marc; Mädebach, Andreas; Baus, Cristina. Cross-linguistic interactions across modalities: Effects of the oral language on sign production. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 2021; 24(4): 779-790.

Niedtfeld, Inga; Renkewitz, Frank; Mädebach, Andreas; Hillmann, Karen; Kleindienst, Nikolaus; Schmal, Christian; Schulze, Lars. Enhanced memory for negative social information in Borderline Personality Disorder. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 2021; 129(5).

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2020 (4)

Calabria M, Hernández M, Cattaneo G, Suades A, Serra M, Juncadella M, Reñé R, Sala I, Lleó A, Ortiz-Gil J, Ugas L, Ávila A, Gómez Ruiz I, Ávila C, Costa A. Active bilingualism delays the onset of mild cognitive impairment. Neuropsychologia 2020; (146).

Mädebach, Andreas; Kurtz, Franziska; Schriefers, Herbert; Jescheniak, Jörg D.. Pragmatic constraints do not prevent the co-activation of alternative names: Evidence from sequential naming tasks with one and two speakers. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 2020; 35(8): 1073-1088.

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2019 (4)

Baus C, McAleer P, Marcoux K, Belin P, Costa A,. Forming social impressions from voices in native and foreign languages. Scientific Reports 2019; 9(414).

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2018 (19)

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2017 (19)

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2016 (18)

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2015 (23)

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2014 (14)

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