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2016 (21)

Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Boston ( Estats Units d'Amèrica ) 18/11/2016 - 21/11/2016

( Pòster) Hayakawa, S., Tannenbaum, D., Keysar, B., Corey, J., Costa, A. Does using a foreign language make you more utilitarian or less deontological?

( Pòster) Corey, J. D., Hayakawa, S., Foucart, A., Aparici, M., Botella, J., Keysar, B., Costa, A. . Our Moral Judgments Are Foreign To Us

66a Reunió Científica de la Societat Catalana de Neuropsicologia, Barcelona ( Espanya ) 19/06/2016 - 19/06/2016

( Comunicació) Costa, Albert. How bilingualism sculpt the brain?

First meeting of the SEJyD (Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision Making Studies), Palma de Mallorca ( Espanya ) 12/07/2016 - 13/07/2016

( Ponència) Corey, J. D., Foucart, A., Hayakawa, S., Aparici, M., Botella, J., Keysar, B., Costa, A.. Our moral judgments are foreign to us: the effect of language.

Workshop Red Consolider Brainglot, Barcelona ( Espanya ) 20/10/2016 - 21/10/2016

( Pòster) Cattaneo G., Calabria M., Hernández M., Suades A., Juncadella M., Reñé R., Sala I., Lleó A., Ortiz-Gil J., Ugas L., Avila C., Costa, A.. Does active bilingualism act as a compensatory mechanism against cognitive decline?

( Pòster) Corey J.D., Foucart A., Vives M-L, Costa, A. Foreign language use reduces the effect of intention on punishment judgments

( Pòster) Ruiz-Tada E., Baus C., Costa A. The effect of language categorization on face perception

22nd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Geneva ( Suïssa ) 26/06/2016 - 30/06/2016

( Pòster) Hernández, M.; Ventura-Campos, N.; Costa, A.; Miró-Padilla, A.; Ávila, C. . When Alice has an accent: The effects of accented speech on attentional networks